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4 Signs You Need New Window Glass in Your Home

When your windows start to get old and fail to function like they should, it's time to replace the glass. If your window sills and frames are still in good condition, simply replacing the glass can give your home a whole new look while allowing you to save money and upgrading your windows at the same time.
The average double pane window glass can last up to 20 years. Your glass will give you subtle hints that they are ready to retire. Here are four signs you need new window glass in your home.

Your Glass Has Condensation Issues

Condensation is one of the most noticeable signs that your window glass needs to be replaced. This is a common issue that occurs with double pane glass. As moisture seeps into the cracks and crevices holding your window glass tight, the moisture can't evaporate, and you will notice fogginess and wet droplets inside the glass.
Call your glass installation specialist about replacement glass that they can fit your windows with. Replacement glass will be expertly aligned with your current window frames for a tight and secure fit to help keep further condensation at bay.

Your Glass Fails to Block Out Heat

A lot of your home's energy costs are related to your windows. If your energy bills are high, you will want to upgrade to energy-efficient windows that are capable of trapping heat in the winter and preventing cool air from exiting the home in the summer.
One thing you can consider, if your windows are otherwise sound, is having window tints placed on your window glass as well. Tints help block out the sun's UV rays and can help preserve the health of your windows until you are ready to replace them. Some tints can also add privacy as well.

Your Glass Is Broken or Chipped

If the glass in your windows is chipped, cracked or broken, you will want to have it replaced. Not only is cracked window glass dangerous, it can fully break and leave you without a protective layer in your home.
Call your window repair and replacement specialist right away if a window is broken in your home, and protect the affected area by taping the edges of your window glass to keep it in place until professional assistance arrives.

Your Glass Is Faded or Dingy

As windows age, they can become yellowed and dingy. This is especially the case with single-pane windows that don't have a protective second layer of glass to keep them safe from the sun and other damage. Faded, cloudy and stained windows can be an eyesore in the home, and replacing them with modern glass can give your house a more contemporary, clean look.

Which Windows You Should Replace

You likely have many windows in your home that appear to be in good condition. If you aren't prepared to replace them all at once, inspect all the glass you are concerned about and talk to your install expert about these glass panes. Your expert can help you choose what order to replace your window glass in so you can stay within budget while safely upgrading your windows at the same time.
Window glass that takes priority will include broken or shattered windows, and aged or moisture-ridden windows are a secondary concern. Your window install expert will guide you through the installation process when they give you an estimate for your home.
Having new window glass in the home can make a big difference in how your house operates. Talk to our friendly team of window experts at Modern Glass. We can help you find the right windows for your budget and personal style.