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Add Beauty and Practicality to Your Home Office With Glass and Mirrors

Home Office

When you walk into a professional office, you commonly see that the designers have used a lot of glass and mirrors in the décor. That usage is partially for looks — the two materials tend to convey a sense of modern professionalism. However, glass and mirrors are also practical materials for any office, including your home office.

Below are some ideas for incorporating glass and mirrors into your home office design.

Glass Desk Cover

Homeowners often cover their dining room table with custom-cut glass. The glass acts as a protector for the wood top. A glass company can certainly custom-cut glass for a desk cover as well.

Dining room tables need the protection because of hot serving ware and spills. To be honest, those hazards can occur on your desk as well. Both laptop and desktop computers can get hot. Over time, the heat can warp or at least fade the wood surface. However, a glass protective panel will prevent this.

Likewise, many people drink beverages while working and spills can happen in your home office, too. As a bonus, the glass topper will protect the wood surface from scratches when you move a laptop or other electronic device around while working.

Well-Placed Mirror

Home offices can sometimes be an afterthought. You have an unused corner of a bedroom, or a small spare room, and you decide to convert it into a home office. You sometimes don't use these spaces for other activities because they're cramped or even dark. This fact is especially true if your home office is located in a finished basement.

As with anywhere else in the house, a mirror can help alleviate both the darkness and the cramped feeling. For dim lighting, you want to find a place for your mirror where it catches either natural light or electrical illumination. Experiment with the placement so that the mirror reflects the light without creating a glare, especially on your computer screen.

Mirrors also make the space look larger. Again, the key is in placement. The goal is to reflect space. For example, try to find an attractive focal point in the room, such as an area of architectural interest, and angle the mirror so it reflects that area. You can also place the mirror partially behind furniture, such as a table, to give the illusion of a hallway beyond.

When it comes to choosing the mirror, a plain mirror will keep the look of your office professional. The mirror should either be unframed or feature a minimalist frame. Save your more ornate mirrors for other rooms.

Glass Side Table

Do you ever entertain clients in your home office? If you do, consider augmenting your décor with a glass side table. For this arrangement, you'll need to devise a seating area, perhaps consisting of two chairs. The glass side table can serve as a coffee table, but one that's meant for business documents or technology rather than snacks.

As with the mirror, you should choose a style that's minimalist and professional. You could even have the side table custom-made to match your décor. The goal is to recreate the professional, but welcoming, image of hosting clients in a commercial office.

Sliding Glass Divider

If your home office is just one part of a larger room, you might consider having a temporary divider constructed. This divider could essentially be a sliding glass wall.

For the divider, the contractors will install a glass framework similar to a framed glass shower but spanning from floor to ceiling. When open, the sliding glass wall will mostly disappear. However, closing the door creates a private space for your office. You can even choose frosted or smoked glass for visual privacy.

Make your home office feel more professional by adding glass and mirrors to your décor. Modern Glass can help you with all your custom glass and mirror needs.