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6 Benefits of Using Patterned or Smoked Glass in Your Bathroom

Patterned Bathroom Glass
The benefits of using glass in your bathroom are well known. They include the fact that glass's non-porous surface makes it naturally anti-bacterial and easy to clean. When you have a clear glass shower enclosure or wall installed, you get additional benefits related to letting the rest of the décor take center stage.
Clear glass isn't your only option. You can also choose patterned or smoked glass. Find out the benefits of choosing one of these glass options for your enclosure or privacy wall.

Patterned Glass Can Match Your Décor Style

Sometimes designers choose a theme for the décor of a space such as the bathroom. These themes can range from shabby chic to formal contemporary. When you install a standard glass shower enclosure or a wall made of clear glass, the installation is neutral. It neither adds nor detracts from the décor, which is its purpose.
When you install patterned glass in your bathroom, you can choose a style that complements the rest of the room. Patterned glass is made by pouring melted glass onto a form and letting it cool with a textured side. The glass comes in numerous styles, from a simple textured surface to repeating graphic or image patterns. You can choose the patterned glass according to your décor style, such as flowered for shabby chic or digital squares for modern.

Patterned Glass Offers Some Privacy

While most homeowners want a sense of open space in their bathrooms, many of the activities that take place there call for privacy. Patterned glass offers different levels of opacity. Depending on the pattern, the occupant behind the glass can be just a shape or even completely distorted. This distortion makes patterned glass ideal for glass privacy walls or shower enclosures in family bathrooms.

Patterned Glass Creates a New Interplay of Light

One of the main benefits of using any glass in your bathroom is that the surface naturally reflects light back into the room. The textured surface of patterned glass creates a new interplay of light that standard glass doesn't. Whether it's artificial illumination or, especially, natural sunlight, the light bounces off of different surfaces.
For example, some homeowners choose patterned glass with repeating images such as flowers or other arched shapes. When the light hits this pattern, certain arches are highlighted while others remain darker. Not only does that create new visual interest, the interplay showcases the pattern you chose.

Smoked Glass Adds a Layer of Color

Smoked glass ranges from very minimal darkening to semi-opaque. What's more, you can choose between warm and cool undertones. Therefore, when you add a smoked glass shower enclosure or privacy wall, you add a subtle layer of color to your overall décor. Ideally, you should echo the color elsewhere in the room, such as the tilework or trim.

Smoked Glass Looks Sleek and Chic

Essentially, smoked glass offers a gray or taupe façade. Both those colors are considered neutrals in the principles of design. What's more, designers typically layer neutrals into their schemes, especially for modern and contemporary rooms.
In fact, a smoked glass wall or shower enclosure is a study in geometry. You can clearly see the edges of this sleek installation, especially if you add any metal framing. An emphasis on geometry is a hallmark of modern décor. Altogether, then, a smoked glass enclosure or wall presents a sleek, chic backdrop for the rest of your bathroom décor.

Smoked Glass Minimizes Glare

There's a reason you wear sunglasses on bright days - sometimes you just don't want the sun in your eyes. While light reflection is normally a boon in the bathroom, you may have the layout set up so that the glare from the shower enclosure or wall is unideal. Like sunglasses, smoked glass absorbs the glare so it doesn't interfere with a phone screen or your relaxation in the bathtub.
Use glass in your bathroom because of its sanitary benefits. Choose patterned or smoked glass for your bathroom project because they both add a layer of visual interest. Call Modern Glass today for help with your bathroom glass project.