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4 Benefits of Installing Storm Windows Instead of Replacing Windows

Storm Window

Installing storm windows or replacing old windows can be a profitable decision as both options can impact your budget and the value of your house in positive ways. Deciding which option you want can be challenging.

Storm windows are installed on the interior or exterior of a pre-existing window. They give extra protection against wind and help to regulate the temperature inside your house. Storm windows range from inexpensive plastic sheets for seasonal use to triple or double-glazed sash windows that will serve you for many years.

The windows can be custom-made to the size and style of your existing windows and come in a wide array of colors and tints.

Replacement windows, on the other hand, are installed in place of old ones. New technology has produced different types of replacement windows including vinyl, insulated, double hung, sliding, awning, and casement windows. These windows offer longevity, aesthetic guarantees, and substantial energy cost-savings over the long term.

The comparison then begs the question, why should you consider installing storm windows instead of replacing old windows? Here are four things to consider.

1. Lower Initial Costs

If you are on a tight budget but need to upgrade your windows, consider storm windows because they will cost less than buying replacement windows. As your windows age over time, they may start to leak and let in a draft. You can take care of such challenges by installing storm windows over your existing windows.

Other than being inexpensive to purchase, storm windows are easy to install, which will further save you on installation cost.

2. Save on Energy Costs

Replacing old windows with energy-efficient types can improve the value of your property. However, the return on investment and savings on energy are only likely to be significant if the existing windows are damaged enough to require a replacement.

If you are not keen on replacing your old windows but want to cut your energy costs, storm windows are an excellent option.

Storm windows minimize airflow and can provide the same insulation that comes from a double-paneled window. Field studies from the U.S. Department of Energy have found that storm windows can help reduce longterm heating and cooling costs considerably.

A professional glass installation company will advise you on solutions such as glazing and weather stripping alongside storm window installation to provide your house with proper insulation and help you cut energy costs further.

3. Sound Proof Your Home

If the bustling sounds outside your once-silent streets are becoming a nuisance, high-quality storm windows can help keep the noise out. Storm windows are a particularly good option if you are looking to maintain the character of your old windows.

If you work with a professional glass company who know the fitting job well, storm windows are barely noticeable and will not damage your windows' visual appeal.

4. Protect Delicate Windows

Exterior and interior installation of storm windows can protect delicate windows such as those with ornate details or stained glass which can be expensive and difficult to repair or replace. Therefore, it's to protect your windows against potential damage.

If you have sash windows, exterior storm windows can protect the sash from weather elements that cause the sashes to wear out fast and can eventually damage the entire window.

Whether you decide to install storm windows or replace old windows will entirely depend on your unique situation. Both options can offer significant benefits in terms of value-addition to your home and costsavings on energy. However, if your windows are not bad enough to warrant a replacement, and you are on a tight budget, storm windows are a good bet.

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